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  • MA - English
  • We at Ansal Univeristy believe in transcending the boundaries of education and therefore, the department of English offers a wide range of courses to be at par with the latest trends in Mass communication, Content Writing, Journalism, Creative writing, Film Studies and English literature. The Department of English offers Masters in English Literature which is spread over two years comprising four semesters. Thesis and Stylistics. From Ancient Greek literature to post colonial and modern literature. From ar wide curriculum of the course offers a wide range of choices from soft skills to transdiciplinary learning. From Chaucer to contemporary poets. From Literary criticism to Discourse analyt and aesthetics to drama and theatre. From academic writing to professional writing. From rhetoric and dialectics to public speaking and creative writing. Hence, this course takes its students on an intellectual odyssey to the world of literature and provides ample of exposure through intensive pedagogy and experiential learning to make the students well versed in their field of interest. 

  • Course Major : English
  • Affiliation : Ansal University
  • Course Delivery : Class Room (Full Time)
  • Fee : Rs. 105000
  • Duration : 24.0 Months
  • MA - Economics
  • Economics is a study of mankind in the ordinary business of life.” Alfred Marshall (1890 In the field of education, Ansal University (AU) has created a brand which stands for credibility. Since its inception AU has been committed to excellence in teaching and research. In the same endeavour, School of Humanities and Languages (SHL) under the aegis of AU offers the Undergraduate, Post graduate and PhD degree in Economics. But, why should a student of 21st century study economics? The first probable reason could be that it will help you understand the world in which you live e.g. why the price of apartments are so high in Delhi or in Mumbai, what is budget, why film star earns so much, what was the reason behind global financial crisis etc. The second reason to study economics is that it will make you a smarter member of your society. One has to decide whether to go to college or to find a job, whether to study economics or physics, whether to buy a petrol car or a diesel car. Life is about making choices in the presence of scarce resources and knowledge of economics will prepare you to make those choices We have designed our program in such a way that the student of our department will become smart professional, intelligent decision maker and an active researcher. They will be capable of providing an integrated framework and possibly some solutions to various economic and other related issues that are needed to be addressed both at the local and global level. One of the USP of our university is Trans Disciplinary Learning. Trans-Disciplinary Learning (TDL) mainly focuses on project based learning (not necessarily from the Core Subject Area chosen by you) but also from any other subject of your interest where completing the project involves joint research work that draws together concepts, theories, and approaches from the more than one discipline. You will be able to break down traditional framework of learning and attain knowledge through multidimensional perspective & sharing them & learning from them to develop new knowledge & theory.
  • Course Major : Economics
  • Affiliation : Ansal University
  • Course Delivery : Class Room (Full Time)
  • Fee : Rs. 105000
  • Duration : 24.0 Months
  • M.A - Councelling Psychology


    Psychological counseling course is designed to provide training to students towards making them professional counselling psychologists and to solve human problems
    This course will provide an understanding about the discipline with special emphasis on the application of the different aspects of psychology across various settings
    The tension and pressures of life are affecting working people and professionals, school going children as well as households. The need for qualified counselors has never been felt more acutely than today.
    Psychological counselling is not confined, though, to helping people cope with difficulties. Other benefits to be gained include developing creativity, self-expression and finding pathways to self-discovery by exploring past and present circumstances 
    Psychological Counselling can help an individual to bring out creativity and self-expression, earn to assert needs, renew a sense of purpose in life and find paths to self-discovery.
    Counselling psychologists work with diverse client groups, including children, adults, students and young people, families and couples, and older people. They work in many different settings, such as health and care services, hospitals, prisons, probation services, consultancy, and in private or public organizations.
  • Course Major : Psychology
  • Affiliation : Ansal University
  • Course Delivery : Class Room (Full Time)
  • Fee : Rs. 105000
  • Duration : 24.0 Months

50% in Graduation with Honors in English or 60% at Bachelors Level with English as a subject. 50% in Graduation with Honors in Economics or 60% at Bachelors Level with Economics as a subject. 50% in Graduation with Honors in Psychology or 60% at Bachelors Level with Psychology as a subject.

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