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  • M.Sc - Biotechnology

    Biotechnology is a novel and revolutionary branch of technology having its applications from days of brewing to the current researchers in genomics, stem cells etc. It is emerging very fast with a huge potential to reshape virtually every other related industry. The applications of biotechnology are diverse and unending ranging from healthcare to agriculture, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing processes, from drug discovery to nanotechnology, and energy to environment etc. Broadly speaking, Biotechnology is the synthesis of ideas of science and technology in general leading to understanding, modification and production of cells, cellular products and tailored organisms for human welfare.

    The School of Applied Sciencesoffers industry integrated, full time, two years M.Sc degree in Biotechnology with the following broad objectives;

    To impart a perfect blending of theoretical knowledge and practical exposure for developing professionals as desired by industry, academia and dedicated scientific research organization.

    To provide students’ knowledge of DNA technology, Molecular biology, Protein engineering, Bio-informatics, Biochemistry, Biopharmaceuticals and Immunology.

    To stimulate their creative thinking to do innovative work in diverse branches of Biotechnology at national and international level.

  • Course Major : Biotechnology
  • Affiliation : Ansal University
  • Course Delivery : Class Room (Full Time)
  • Fee : Rs. 105000
  • Duration : 24.0 Months
  • M.Sc - Nanotechnology

    Nanoscience and Nanotechnology are fast growing areas of Science and Technology which span the entire spectrum of science and technology including next generation electronics, optics, engineering materials, advanced materials and coatings, devices, computers, medicine, textiles, sports equipment, polymers, biology, agriculture, food science, etc. Nanotechnology is considered the next generation Industrial Revolution without which the industrial sector cannot sustain. In this view School of Applied Sciences offers 2 years industry oriented Master of Science Degree programme in Nanotechnology. This programme explores the frontiers of Science and Technology at nanosclae.

    The M.Sc. programme will cover a broad range of disciplines to enable the trained graduates to make an objective judgment of the scientific importance and technological potential of developments in micro- and nanotechnologies and to perform a range of activities related to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. The study of programme will thus prepare the student to take the challenge of meeting not only national needs in diverse areas of nanoscience and nanotechnology but also to continue toward advanced studies anywhere in the world.

  • Course Major : Nanotechnology
  • Affiliation : Ansal University
  • Course Delivery : Class Room (Full Time)
  • Fee : Rs. 105000
  • Duration : 24.0 Months
  • M.Sc - Computational Mathematics
  • Computation in the research is prominent. Computational mathematics emerged as a distinct part of applied mathematics by the early 1950s. The objective of the program is to provide students with the capability to apply mathematical models and methods to study various problems that arise in industry and business, with an emphasis on developing computable solutions that can be implemented. School of Applied Sciences offers an interdisciplinary Master of Science degree programme in Computational Mathematics. Computational mathematics involves mathematical learning and research in areas of science where computing plays a central and essential role, emphasizing on heuristics and algorithms, numerical methods, and symbolic methods. One of the main objective is to learn as to how to solve mathematical problems by computer simulation as opposed to analytic methods of applied mathematics and also the use of numerical methods in scientific computation, for example numerical linear algebra and numerical solution of partial differential equations, stochastic methods,such as Monte Carlo methods and other representations of uncertainty in scientific computation, for example stochastic finite elements. The main body of the course structure includes areas of mathematics and computation, such as logic (automated theorem proving), discrete mathematics (search for mathematical structures such asgroups), number theory (primality testing and factorization), cryptography, and computational algebraic topology.

  • Course Major : Mathematics
  • Affiliation : Ansal University
  • Course Delivery : Class Room (Full Time)
  • Fee : Rs. 105000
  • Duration : 24.0 Months

Graduation with 50% marks in aggregate with Zoology/ Botany/ Chemistry/ Biotechnology/ Biosciences/ Life sciences as one of the subjects. Graduation with 50% marks in aggregate with Physics/ Applied Physics/ Electronics/ Chemistry/ Biotechnology/ Biosciences/ Lifescience as one of the subjects. Graduation with 50% marks in aggregate with Mathematics/ Physics/ Statistics/ Computer Science/ IT as a subject.

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