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  • B.Sc - Engineering Physics
  • In Einstein words “Imagination is more important than Knowledge”. We are asking you to “dare to imagine beyond traditional engineering & technology” and go for B.Sc – Engineering Physics. School of Applied Sciences offers a 3 years B.Sc degree programme in Engineering Physics for those who have an interest in both physics and engineering. This programme by nature is an inter-disciplinary spanning through engineering and physics in which the fundamental principles of physics are used and applied to confront the issues in engineering & technology. Engineering physics couples both the physics and engineering and making it possible to have wide interest in application of modern day physics to new technology and products without losing the core of physics subjects. In developed world programmes in engineering physics are being offered since long and are much sought UG level programme. This programme provides students with a firm foundation in physics and mathematics together with engineering design and problem solving skills. This background helps students confront problems in multi-disciplinary areas that are corner stones of 21st century technology advancement such as solid state device, fiber optics and photonics, laser technology and material science to name a few.

  • Course Major : Physics
  • Affiliation : Ansal University
  • Course Delivery : Class Room (Full Time)
  • Fee : Rs. 140000
  • Duration : 36.0 Months
  • B.Sc - Statistics
  • B.Sc. in Statistics is a three year degree course and minimum eligibility for which is an intermediate with mathematics. This course offered to those students who are interested in data and data applications. Typically statistics is the science of effectively utilizing numerical data associated to groups of individuals or experiments. We have devised a very comprehensive course structure which covers subjects such as statistics, quantitative analysis, and various mathematics courses and data interpretation and introduction to various computation tools. There is a lot of scope in this field for young graduates. Skilled professional in this field will find employment opportunities in public sector and in financial institutions.  Working in a private firm is another option.
    Statisticians working in survey department gather information from particular section and publish results for the whole population. Surveys conducted on a range of issues such as political candidate during elections, or issues related to the general public. Statistician can also seek employment in business field, sports statistician, scientific research, and medical statistician.

  • Course Major : Statistics
  • Affiliation : Ansal University
  • Course Delivery : Class Room (Full Time)
  • Fee : Rs. 140000
  • Duration : 36.0 Months
  • B.Sc - Industrial Chemistry
  • School of Applied Sciences introduces three years B.Sc degree programme in Industrial Chemistry. Industrial Chemistry is a branch of chemistry which applies physical and chemical processes towards the transformation and modification of raw materials into useful products that are of benefit to humanity. The goal of this degree programmeis to produce graduates who will be highly skilled in this chosen discipline of applied science. The approach to this programme is to first giving the students a strong foundation in chemistry, mathematics and physics and then to train them into the deeper aspects of Industrial Chemistry related processes. The Industrial Chemistry graduate is a well-trained chemist with knowledge linkages in engineering, chemical processing, economics and industrial management. Graduates find employment in government organizations at entry level, research and development institutes, production and manufacturing units, biotechnology, quality control, pharmaceutical industry, process industry, fertilizer production industry, plastics industry, pulp and paper industry, tanning industry, consumer industry, oil and petroleum industry, textile industry, dyes and paints industry, cosmetics industry, cement industry, glass industry, water purification and wastewater purification engineering just to name a few.

  • Course Major : Chemistry
  • Affiliation : Ansal University
  • Course Delivery : Class Room (Full Time)
  • Fee : Rs. 140000
  • Duration : 36.0 Months

10+2 with 50% marks in aggregate and 55% in Physics. 10+2 with 50% marks in aggregate and 55% in Mathematics or Statistics. 10+2 with 50% marks in aggregate and 55% in Chemistry

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